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BAGLi Launches In Chicago

A leading on-demand luggage storage service opens in Chicago

Chicago, IL. January 8, 2020 - BAGLi a Chicago based startup providing short-term luggage storage solutions for people in the Chicagoland area.

BAGLi offers services to anyone who wants to ditch their baggage to roam the city freely, this includes travelers and residents. BAGLi partners with local businesses- restaurants, hotels, and retail stores- who have additional unused, safe and secure space. Each partner location is highly vetted and trained by the company to ensure optimum safety of customer belongings.

BAGLi was founded in late Spring of 2019 when founders, Ifeanyi Edemba and Sofia Zervas were on a multi-city southern Italy trip and experienced their own struggle in finding a place to store their luggage. Ifeanyi states, “We just checked out of our hotel, and got an alert that our flight has been delayed. We were happy to have a little more time, but didn’t know any place to store our bags.” They weren’t lucky to find any nearby places who stored bags. “It was hard to lug our 50 lbs suitcase on cobble stoned streets so we gave up and decided to just head to the airport 5 hours early”, Sofia says. Through their tough experience they did not want travelers to experience this inconvenience again. Ifeanyi states, “BAGLi is here to provide tourist and residents with the freedom to flourish and create memorable moments without having to worry about your bags again.”

How BAGLi Works:

Customers can easily book BAGLi’s service via the company’s website. Users simply create a profile, enter a location while selecting their drop-off/ pick-up time. BAGLi will then display a list of nearby locations that fits their needs. Partnered business will provide each baggage with a unique tamper proof seal for free. Each booking is insured up to $3,000 for damaged or lost goods, giving customers an added peace of mind. Price starts at $5.99 per bag, with a weight limit of 75 lbs.